The Sheriff Lopey Foundation


The objective of the Sheriff Lopey Foundation is to benefit the greatest number of Siskiyou County citizens by providing funds to members and organizations within the county that service its citizens. The Foundation concentrates on senior citizens and our youth, military veterans, law enforcement education, training and support, and other charities that benefit the community. In order to accomplish this in the most efficient manner, the Foundation obtained a non-profit status under the 501(c) (3) of the US Internal Revenue Code.


Since January 2011, the Foundation has provided the salary for the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Chaplain, in addition to a portion of the Veteran’s Assistance program. Other donations have provided programs for senior citizens, equipment for special education children, high school student awards, educational tools for a local gun club, man hours and food for a local food bank, and many others services.


The Sheriff Lopey Foundation Board consists of seven volunteers. Their backgrounds include three business owners, a retired office technician, a retired law enforcement member, and of course Sheriff Lopey and his wife, Maxine. The Board carefully reviews applications and considers the total impact on the community. It has been a wonderful experience to be able to complement those who work so hard to help others. In 2011, the Foundation Board donated over 400 man hours.


Identifying and addressing the needs of Siskiyou County citizens will continue to be the focus of the Sheriff Lopey Foundation. As the head law enforcement officer of the county, Sheriff Lopey not only recognizes the need for law enforcement services, but also aspires to help others when possible. If you would like to be a part of this team, please consider a donation. Your entire contribution will be used to benefit our community and is tax deductible.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site. All of us appreciate your support and the wonderful community we live in.

Ed Pecis
Foundation President

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